About Digimoncon 2024! Fastest report! “DIGIMON CON 2024” is an event for Digimon fans around the world.

デジモンコン2024 Digimon event

About Digimoncon 2024! Fastest report! “DIGIMON CON 2024” is an event for Digimon fans around the world.


DIGIMON CON is a celebration of all things Digimon! We’re putting together a wide array of fun and exciting content for YOU, our fans all over the world who have been supporting Digimon for so many years!

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Wanko Mameshiba
Wanko Mameshiba

“Digimoncon 2024” is a program distributed by Digimon Official to Digimon fans around the world.

The content is wide-ranging, including announcements of new information, live broadcasts by each Digimon artist, and a question corner from fans. This is a big distribution event that Digimon fans all over the world are paying attention to, as it will be distributed not only in Japan but all over the world!

You can learn about “Digimoncon 2024” by reading this article!

・About Digimoncon 2024 “Distribution Schedule”

  • Sunday, March 10, 2024 at 12 a.m. JST
  • Saturday, March 9, 2024 at 7 p.m. PST
  • Saturday, March 9, 2024 at 10 p.m. EST

・About Digimoncon 2024 “Distribution Media”

On YouTube “Digimon Partners Official Channel


・Participation fee: Free *Communication charges are to be borne by each participant.

Wanko Mameshiba
Wanko Mameshiba

Regarding the outline of Digimon Con 2024, it was held on March 10, 2024 (Sunday) from 12:00 noon Japan time.

The broadcast was available for free viewing on the Digimon Partners official channel on YouTube.

For those who were unable to watch the live broadcast on the day, you can also watch the archive. (Some live performances cannot be viewed in the archive)

  • TOY:Digivice 25th Anniversary Project
  • CARD GAME:Survey Project & “DIGIMON LIBERATOR” Update
  • GAMES:Digimon Game Series Survey Project & Special Piano Medley
  • ANIMATION:Digimon Animation 25th Anniversary Talk
  • LIVE PERFORMANCE:Digimon Animation 25th Anniversary Special Live
Wanko Mameshiba
Wanko Mameshiba

The contents of DigimonCon 2024 are as shown above.

This is just a part of it, and there is also a lot of other content such as commercials and advertisements about new products and events!

  • 19:00/22:00~Opening performance
  • 19:05/22:05~Digimon Anime 25th Anniversary Talk
  • 19:30/22:30~Agumon Real-Time Talk
  • 19:35/22:35~Digimon Games Series Survey Project & Special Piano Medley
  • 20:10/23:10~Digimon Anime 25th Anniversary Special performance
  • 20:25/23:25~Agumon Real-Time Talk
  • 20:30/23:30~Digivice 25th Anniversary Project
  • 20:50/23:50~Digimon Seekers
  • 21:00/24:00~Agumon Real-Time Talk
  • 21:05/24:05~Digimon Card Survey Project & DIGIMON LIBERATOR introduction
  • 21:35/24:35~Digimon information
  • 21:50/24:50~Agumon Real-Time Talk
  • 21:55/24:55~Ending performance
Wanko Mameshiba
Wanko Mameshiba

The distribution timetable for DigimonCon 2024 was announced in advance as shown above.

Since it is a live broadcast, there may be some gaps, but I think you can see that there is a lot of content.

・Butter-Fly (short size) Ayumu Miyazaki

MC: “Michael Rivas” “Neki Matsuzawa”

Wanko Mameshiba
Wanko Mameshiba

The opening live was Ayumu Miyazaki singing butter-fly!

After all, when you think of Digimon, this song comes to mind!

The anime video playing in the background was also cool!

A talk corner about the Digimon anime featuring three Digimon voice actors: Chinatsu Sakamoto (voice of Agumon), Mayumi Yamaguchi (voice of Gabumon), and Atori Shigematsu (voice of Piyomon), including behind-the-scenes stories from the time and recent works. In addition, “former Bandai employee and current voice actor Volcano Ota” also joined us, and we were able to listen to valuable stories about his hardships.

Wanko Mameshiba
Wanko Mameshiba

There were also quizzes related to Digimon.

①What color are the Digivice that appeared in the first Digimon Adventure? ②What ideas did Kenji Watanabe come up with in the process of building the worldview of the digital world? Such.

And the moving “Digimon Animation 25th Anniversary PV”, which will be shown for the first time in the world, was released (T.T)

Wanko Mameshiba
Wanko Mameshiba

Agumon’s real-time talk corner

①What is your favorite place in the digital world?

②Do you like pineapple on pizza?

③What kind of Digimon would you like to evolve into?

Digimon game developer Yokota, Daisuke Motomiya (played by Fukujuro Katayama), Ken Ichijoji (played by Arthur Lansbury), had a talk corner about Digimon games, and passionately talked about their favorite Digimon and characters. Popular ranking of Digimon appearing in the game based on voting! That unforgettable scene from the Digimon game! It was so exciting!

A special game and music live show, pianist Keiko performed a medley of game music!

"Digimon Game Music Special Piano Medley" Piano by Keiko
Bond: Digimon Survive
Blue sky and big step: Digimon World -next 0rder-
Fighting Cause: Digimon World -next 0rder-
Digital Wars: Digimon Story Cyber ​​Sleuth
THE CYBER SLEUTH: Digimon Story Cyber ​​SLEUTH
Wanko Mameshiba
Wanko Mameshiba

Ranking of popular Digimon appearing in games!

10th place Guilmon

9th place Dukemon

8th place Beelzebumon

7th place Ulforce Vedramon

6th place Omegamon

5th place Beelzebumon: Blast Mode

4th place Agumon

3rd place Mastimon

2nd place WarGreymon

1st place Magnamon

It was also announced that the latest installment of the Digimon Story series is also in development!

“Digimon Anime 25th Anniversary Special Live” A gorgeous special live performance by two DigiAd 02 voice actors and Digimon artist Ayumu Miyazaki!

"Digimon Anime 25th Anniversary Special Live"
Target ~Red Shock~: Fukujuro Katayama & Arthur Lansbury
Beat Hit -THE BEGINNING New Arrange Ver.-: Ayumu Miyazaki
The last element:Ayumu Miyazaki
brave heart: Ayumu Miyazaki
Wanko Mameshiba
Wanko Mameshiba

Speaking of Digimon events, the live performances are super hot!

It was great! Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be available in archive distribution.

This was the second Agumon real-time talk, and he answered questions from foreigners!

Wanko Mameshiba
Wanko Mameshiba

Agumon performed “Hello!” in various languages!

It was so cute that she responded to my request for a smile!

Announcement of new product “Digivice -25th COLOR EVOLUTION-” inviting three Digimon voice actors and Mr. Volcano Ota, the leading expert in Digivice development, as well as Mr. Abe and Mr. Sasada who developed the new Digivice. It was the corner!

Wanko Mameshiba
Wanko Mameshiba

A completely new version of Digivice has been announced, which is now in full color and features improved story mode, character selection, online battle functionality, and more!

Event production and battle production are evolving with unprecedented quality!

This is a corner about new information on the web novel Digimon Seekers, which has reached its conclusion. Mr. Sakuma and Mr. Kobayashi, who were involved in the Digimon Seekers project, took the stage and looked back on the story of Digimon Seekers with a new PV video.

Wanko Mameshiba
Wanko Mameshiba

The epilogue of Digimon Seekers will be released after DigimonCon 2024, so be sure to check it out!

During the third Agumon real-time talk, there were questions about thoughts on the new Digivice that was announced, Digimon Seekers, and activities with Taichi.

New information about Digimon Liberator has also been released! A very cool new PV with song has been released! It’s a vertically scrolling web comic. Digimon Liberator will be released on April 25th!

Digimon Card Game User Survey 2024
1. The most used and favorite card
2. The coolest card
3. My favorite deck in DIGIMON CARD GAME
Wanko Mameshiba
Wanko Mameshiba

The designs and effects of the cards included in “Secret Crisis”, which will be released were introduced!

We announced the results of a survey of all digital camera fans around the world! There was also the latest information and announcements about the Digimon card game.A partial release of Episode Zero and a novel version to be released at the same time have been announced, and the sale of a new product starting deck has also been announced!

Wanko Mameshiba
Wanko Mameshiba

The designs and effects of the cards that will be included in the starter decks of “Secret Crisis”, which will be released on March 29, 2024, and Liberator, which will be released on April 26, 2024, were introduced!

・Digimon Comic: “Digimon Comic” is a new attempt centered on Digimon manga. “Digimon Comic” is a new project where you can watch new Digimon manga on the web (simultaneously released in Japanese and English).

・Digimon Novel Competition: A project to solicit Digimon novels from the public, and the winning works will be published in “Digimon Comics”

・Digimon Dreamers: Announcement of the release of the second volume of comics

・About the release of Digital Monster X As’Maria EDITION (Ver. War Greymon X Antibody, Ver. Metal Garurumon X Antibody).

・About the development of apparel goods to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Digimon Animation.

Wanko Mameshiba
Wanko Mameshiba

There were also many other announcements, including information about new Digimon plastic model products, prize products from the Digimon Adventure series, Ichiban Kuji, and information about product development in China!

The fourth Agumon real-time talk, Agumon looking lonely as the end of the broadcast approached was cute.They expressed “thank you!” in languages ​​from around the world.

Wanko Mameshiba
Wanko Mameshiba

Agumon’s message of gratitude warmed my heart.

It was a quick 3 hours!

We received many enthusiastic messages from overseas, and we were able to experience in real time just how popular Digimon is in the world!

Digimon artist AiM sang the ending live performance to conclude Digimon Con 2024.

"Ending Live"
Various Colors:AiM
Wanko Mameshiba
Wanko Mameshiba

ending live

It was a really quick 3 hours!

<br>Wanko Mameshiba

Wanko Mameshiba

DigimonCon was a turning point in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the Digimon anime.

I am grateful that it is loved so much all over the world and that there are still people who continue to bring us new products and content.

And above all, thank you so much, Digimon!

Thank you for your continued support!



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