nice to meet you! My name is Wanko Mameshiba, the administrator of Digimon Research Lab ▼o・ᴥ・o▼!

I live in Tokyo, the capital of Japan! I also made pilgrimages to sacred places such as Hikarigaoka and Odaiba.

I’ve been a Digimon fan for over 25 years since Digimon was born! The content I particularly like is the so-called “Digimon 4 part series” of anime such as “Digimon Adventure,” “Digimon Adventure 02,” “Digimon Tamers,” and “Digimon Frontier.”

I started compiling articles on my blog because I wanted to share the latest Digimon information with Digimon fans around the world! I try to provide useful information to those who read this blog.

I would like to briefly introduce Wanko Mameshiba▼o・ᴥ・o▼

Name     :Wanko Mameshiba▼o・ᴥ・o▼
Adress    :Tokyo Japan
Favorite Anime  :「Digimon Adventure」「Digimon Adventure02」「Digimon Tamers」「Digimon Frontier」
Favorite Digimon:「Gabumon」series、「Seasarmon」「」

・As for the origin of the name “Wanko Mameshiba▼o・ᴥ・o▼”, I am a dog lover since I used to have a dog at my parents’ house, so I named it after “Mameshiba Inu” and “Wanko”.

・I live in Tokyo, the capital of Japan. I can access the sacred places of Toei Animation and Digimon Adventure, Hikarigaoka and Odaiba, and the sacred places of Digimon Tamers, such as the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building and Shinjuku Central Park, so I have visited the sacred places several times.

・My favorite work is the anime Digimon Adventure,'' which aired when I was in the fifth grade of elementary school at the time, but I also like the so-calledDigimon trilogy,” which includes the sequel Digimon Adventure 02,''Digimon Tamers,” and “Digimon Frontier.” is my favorite. I was hooked because I was the same generation as the main characters in “The Chosen Children.” Of course, I like all Digimon works so far.

・My favorite Digimon is “Gabumon” that appeared in the anime “Digimon Adventure”.I also like the Digimon that evolved from it.I also like Okinawa, so I like “Seasarmon” with a Shiisa motif, and “Royal Knights”, a holy knight Digimon group, which are cool. I like Digimon, but ultimately I love all Digimon!

Digimon Research Laboratory is a blog name that represents Wanko Mameshiba▼o・ᴥ・o▼’s desire and desire to deepen his knowledge and information about Digimon that he doesn’t know yet. *Actually, she updates the article from time to time in her room ^^;

I would like to continue researching Digimon and disseminate information and knowledge that is not well known yet, as well as newly announced and evolving Digimon content!

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